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Patricia Winter

THank you so much for offering gluten-free choices! I haven't eaten them yet, however plan to very soon. You guys rock!

Barb Hester

The gluten free bread is the very best I have found. My husband thought I bought regular bread and you had labeled it wrong. Keep up the great work and thanks for the gluten free products.

Tiffany Hall

At LAST!! A GF bread that doesn't taste like clay!! Your blueberry muffins are to die for. I can't wait to try all of your products. Thanks for putting the pleasure back in eating.

Claire S

We found your products up in Breckenridge at the City Market - funny that we didn't think of asking here in Denver. Our son was in heaven - finally a gluten-free bread for him that actually toasts and makes great sandwiches. Thanks for coming up with a great recipe.


Thank you! Prior to being forced into a gluten free life I always loved Udi's catered lunches. I just got a loaf of the white sandwich bread and it brought me to my knees. To eat bread that taste's like's amazing!

Mamie Dunbar

Wow! I agree with all the other prior comments . . . your sandwich bread is amazing! After finding out I have CD last year, trying to find GF food was a struggle, not to mention GF food that couldn't be confused with cardboard! Your Cinn. Rolls are scrumdiliumcious! Thanks for the inovation and thought you have put into offering the favorites that the GF community has been craving! And thank you for offering your products in King Soopers(I live in Castle Rock so it has made my purchasing very conveniant!).


I just purchased and ate one of the cinnamon rolls. I thought there was some mistake and you had mislabled them because they taste just like a regular, delicious wheat cinnamon roll. Only I feel fantastic so I know it had to be gluten free. Many millions of thanks for creating this line!

joan north

I finally found your products at City Market in Dillon. What a treat those cinnamon rolls are,and i so enjoyed the first sandwich i have had in over 2 years using your white sandwich bread. Thanks a million for taking the time and interest to bake these wonderful things. I willbe heading back to Dallas in late October and need to find a way to get them there.

Delora and Rick

We have recently been dianosed with GF sensitive, and have found your GF white sandwich bread is delightful. We have tried other breads but when your used to regular bread your's comes the closest. Are there any other places in Cheyenne that has your breads besides King Soopers? They don't seem to carry allot of this bread so we buy them out when it's stock.


My company ordered a lunch to be catered. We were told that GF food was not available for delivery. Another coworker and I are very disappointed.


I love your GF line!!! I've tried so many and finally gave up. It wasn't until our CD support group told me about your GF line and that it was at our City Market in Canon City. No more driving 1 1/2 hours to get cardboard!! Need to keep more in stock...they are always out!!

Phyllis Conley

The gluten free cinnamon rolls are the BEST! It is especially nice to have them on the Western Slope, since we do not have all teh other gluten free stores. It is also fabulous to have the convience of them when you travel. It is not always easy to locate the local health food store when you are on the road, and if you can find it, then if it is after 5 p.m. then it is closed. I have told all of my gluten free friends about my discovery! Thanks again, and please keep making new products.


Your gluten free bread makes an amazing panini! Thanks very much for your hard work developing such a great product for GF people. Any chance a pizza crust could be in the works??

Marsha Conley

I was so excited when I discovered your gluten-free food at our local City Market. The cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins taste just like the real thing instead of like cardboard! I'm going to try the bread and the snickerdoodles next. Thank you so much for creating gluten-free food that actually tastes good! A GF pizza crust and maybe some buttermilk biscuits would be a great addition to your selection too.


Just tried your GF white bread and it's great. My kids couldn't believe it was gluten free and they thought it was the best bread ever! After trying different GF breads, I was just going to give up eating bread but yours came highly recommended so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did! I used to love going to UDI's pre gluten-free and am so glad I can still go and have a great gluten free meal! Thanks:)


Just tried your GF white bread and it's great. My kids couldn't believe it was gluten free and they thought it was the best bread ever! After trying different GF breads, I was just going to give up eating bread but yours came highly recommended so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did! I used to love going to UDI's pre gluten-free and am so glad I can still go and have a great gluten free meal! Thanks:)

Dan Breeding

Very impressed with your products. I agree with a previous poster, your Blueberry Muffins are to die for. I've also developed a serious addiction to your Snickerdoodles. My mom made them for me when I was a child, and these taste as good, if not better! I'm traveling to the Northwest this week. Do you have a distributor or grocer anywhere in WA, OR, or ID? If so please pass along the name. Thanks.


Thanks you very much for entering the gluten free market. Your bakery items are the best I have found in my 8 years of living gluten free. I hope you plan to expend your GF a crusty french baguette, a sourdough, pie crusts, cakes....the possibilities are endless!



Sara in fort collins

You hit the jackpot with your GF recipes (well I guess I did!)!! I have trouble getting the sandwhich bread because everyone got the memo that it's the best! Do you think you'll have the cappability to distribute more soon...or is it just that they don't order enough? Thank you sooo much for these products.. a bread lovers dream!!!

I too have CD and have known about it for 10 years. I have just become aware in the last month of your GF products . The store I found your products in was out of the GF bread. Before I can buy any of it. I need to know if the bread has canola oil in it. I have the CD that is sansitive to canola oil because it is molecularly so close to wheat my intestines don't know the difference. Oh, how I would love to be able to eat your bread. Is canola in your bread? I noticed it was in your muffins and was so disappointed. Is there a posibility you could change the oil you use?


My 15 year old daughter is CD and we just discovered your bread about 6 weeks ago when our Whole Foods started carrying it. This is the best bread by far! I was on a mission this summer to find the best tasting bread and we have found it! It flies off the shelves at Whole foods but we have been lucky to get it. I just want to say thank you for making this bread and other products. My daughter finally felt normal again because she could eat a sandwich which she hadn't had in year. Can the GF be ordered online?

Terri from Little Rock

Robert from Erie, PA

I've been diagnosed with CD about 5 years ago and most have no idea what it is like to not be able to eat a sandwich that actually tastes like a "real" piece of bread. I came across your product as new item to one of the Whole Foods stores in my area and I am absolutely thrilled to have found your product. I was hesitant on trying another product due to previous let downs with the bread just turning to mush in your mouth and just being further frustrated in tryin to find a "normal" piece of bread to even just have a nice piece of toast with breakfast. I could not believe how great it tastes along with the texture and airiness. I am just so exicted to share you product with others in my area. They are going to be so excited. I cannot thank you enough. I seriously wish you the best and hope you continue on your endeavor and hope to support you for years to come.
p.s. Ever think about pizza crusts or buns...

Dena Geiger

I just discovered your bread while visiting in Phoenix AZ last weekend, I brought a loaf home with me The whole grain bread is wonderful! Do you/would you ship to Montana. We have a wonderful healthfood store here that I know would carry your products. Also, we have a little cafe that offers some GF items, they are always looking for other products, bread, muffins, etc. could they order whole sale from you?
Thanks so much for making such a great product.

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