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How do we order online?


OMG!!!!! I was informed about your gluten free bread - to purchase it at Whole Foods...I did and I am AMAZED! - this is the BEST bread I have EVER tasted that doesn't choke you or have to be toasted to eat - gluten free bread that is....I LOVE IT!! It's like eating REAL wheat or whole grain bread without the worry of allergy body shock! THANK YOU!!


Are all your products wheat free as well as gluten free?


I have eaten tons of gluten-free bread since I was diagnosed seven years ago and yours is, without a doubt, the very best g-f bread I have ever had. I cannot tell the difference between it and regular gluten bread. I did not think I would ever taste good bread again in my lifetime. THANK YOU--THANK YOU--THANK YOU!! I am your loyal customer. I simply cannot express how much this means to me.

Jen Cafferty

Please please please make a gluten-free braided challah. I miss it so much and my kids have never tasted the "real thing." My attempts are useless and I have faith that you can create one for all of us longing for challah!


After my wife found Udi's, her celiac disease became much more manageable. To say thanks, I wrote an article on Udi's gluten free products on Fresh Radar ( Check it out, and thanks Udi's!

Dganit Weiss

I cannot say enough good things about these bagels and the loaf of bread that my husband brought home to me a few days ago. I have NEVER EVER felt a squishy piece of gluten free bread. If you don't toast regular gluten free bread or bagels after you defrost them then they are horrible to say the least. Not so with Udi's. This bread and these bagels are REAL NORMAL AMAZING AND SOFT. You are a miracle baker! Bless you! and Thank You!
Any chance of a "normal" size gluten free challah? If anyone can do it, you can!

marikaye Disalle

what about gluten free hamburger buns? Do you make these?

Jenny Roberts

any chance Udi's would open in Winter Park?
we need a strong, reliable super-restaurant at the resort!!
please come!!


Would you consider getting a kosher certificate so we could serve your delicious gluten free breads at the Tulsa Jewish Retirement Center?


I would like to open a franchise in Houston, TX. Who can I talk to and get more information? Thanks, Grace.

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